Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wi Wi we're in Pari!

14 hour train ride to Paris..completed and I think we slept every single bit of the way. Also in our night train were 2 people backpacking together from Australia and the United Kingdom..we did a little chit chatting but all 4 of us were exhausted! We skip the train station this time because we knew where the McDonald's was from the first time..& we didn't want to waste any time getting to a shower!! We have breakfast there and then head to our bed and breakfast. The streets of Paris were super duper crowded & our hotel was so cute. It had the balcony's with white curtains, our room had the double doors that you opened up and we had a view of the tallest church in Europe, there were so many postcards with this picture & it was our view from our balcony! The room came with bunk beds but we moved the top bunk mattress to the floor! :) slumber party in PA-REE…WI WI! We showered, was amazing and then hit the city. We always look at a map and google the top things to do in the cities we are at just to make sure we don't miss anything! On the Paris map, there was so much to do and it was spread out amongst the entire city. We decided to do another tour guide hop on hop off bus. Best decision ever. Sat on the top..got a tan..and learned about so many historical buildings in Paris. There was no way we would have ever had the energy or time to hit all these places so we are glad we didn't penny pinch for the day! When we arrived at the Eiffel Tower we both got chills! We couldn't believe we were actually here! & holy moly its HUGE!..We didn't want to waste time walking back to our hotel to change at night so we carried a bag of clothes around with us..because of course we wanted to change for the night life in Paris!..Per usual we spotted a Best Western hotel and walked in to ask if we could borrow their bathroom to change..luckily no one was at the front desk so we helped our way to their bathroom where we changed and touched up our makeup! We wanted to go enjoy dinner where we could get a view of the sunset behind the eiffel tower. We found a little cafe where we got a cheeseburger and pasta, a glass of wine and a cocktail..totaling about 75$ american dollars. Paris is so expensive! yuck…We pretty much licked our plates clean and then went walking through the beautiful green park behind the Eiffel tower that is filled with many tourists and locals. On every corner you have ice cream shops and locals surrounding you with "5 for ONE EURO", "GOOD PRICE GOOD PRICE", "AH SEXY SEXY AMERICAN", "I LUH YEWW"..after a while we were so annoyed, we'd just look at them and go "NOOOO!" In the park we had 3 locals that asked to take a picture with us and we said no and they were trying to take pictures of us and they gave off a dirty vibe so we covered our faces and kept saying  go away go away. It was in a crowded park so it wasn't too bad, but then they wouldn't leave and continued saying inappropriate things to us..after several minutes they were still following us saying dirty things and we said we are going to get the Police and they were like ooh we are scared. By this time it was getting a little scary, they were surrounding us, so we held our purses in the front of us tight, held hands and scurried off a few hundred feet and told 3 police men. They immediately ran off after the 3 guys and grabbed them by the arms and took them away. We didn't want to watch because we didn't want the guys to see us and maybe come back with even worse threats. Generally when you say go away they listen, but they weren't having it, we got a little uneasy..& then problem solved! After that stress we decided to go get a nutella/banana crepe made and churros! The eiffel tower was lit up, carousels everywhere, ice-cream, souvenirs! Picture perfect! We went down in front of the eiffel tower, sat on the stairs and happily ate our desserts in awe of how gorgeous everything was!

"How precious it is, Lord, to realize that You are thinking about me constantly! I can't even count how many times a day Your thoughts turn toward me." Psalm 139:17-18

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  1. I don't know why but everytime I read your blog it makes me hungry...it's a mystery! Glad you guys are having such a great time!! -Leslie