Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 5: Frolicking in the Land of Switz =)

8am…"Good Morningggggg!" Our plan has worked. We wake up at 8am to hit the wonderful Alps of Zurich Switzerland! The weather right now is still "unheard of"..its sunny high 60's, low 70's..something Europe isn't used to seeing? we hear. We had trouble sleeping last night, still getting adjusted..and had to catch up on our Housewives of Orange County(and I don't think Tamara is ready for a relationship). Finally got some shut eye around 5amish..which is 10pm Texas time. We are a little spoiled this day because the converter best buy told us to buy only charges our phones/mac..if we were to plug in our straightener it would blow. Jen being wonderful brought over her hair products..and we got to straighten our fro's today! woo. Jen cooked us omelets, fresh fruit, fresh loaf of bread and Brie, Feta, & Pecorino cheese. There are truffles in the pecorino which we learned all about as well =) Feeling so intelligent these days! haha We eat and hit the road. We stop at the United States Army base in Stuttgart to get gas (Ty is in Army Special Forces and Jen is in the Air Force) and here it's cheaper than paying the crazy ($7.80) per gallon of gas! At this point we feel like a little family and the 3 gals and gentlemen take off for another exciting road trip filled with Ke$ha, Gaga, Katy Perry & the best music to drive too! (Sorry about that Ty :)…) The drive doesn't take quite 3 hours..thanks once again to the Autobahn where you can kill miles in seconds! I feel like a german native..we're not even nervous this time, at one point we even hear Ty say under his breath, "C'mon people why are we not even going 100?" The drive is gorgeous, covered with hills of green, wineries, beer gardens and cottages amongst both sides of us. One of us loves the microphone and Shells G. bust out to "boys boys boys" on the way in her own little happy place and gives us all a good giggle…I think she is warming her vocals up for yodeling in Switzerland. We first drove passed Zurich to a city called Lucerne. A beautiful city where you have the Alps in the background and this city boarders the lakes. We walked up and down the lake where there were several paddle boats/sailboats/restaurant boats and cute little ducks and swans! All the little "switz" kids are so cute. No matter the age they all wear fedoras and sunglasses. On Sundays here, it's a lot like Chick-fila's, everything is shut down! We stopped in the sun and enjoyed a bottle of wine underneath the umbrellas. We got to people watch and relax. We then made the lake view drive about an hour to Zurich. On the way we pulled over and stopped for some gelato and a beverage at a restaurant that overlooked the lake and alps. We looked straight down at the water to find kayakers, sailboats and paddle boats. Then you look up and you see paragliders. The paragliders were everywhere at the top of the alps. They looked like little birds of all colors. It was amazing. It's a mix between parasailing and hang gliding. We then arrived in Zurich. One of the wealthiest cities in the world behind New York and Tokyo. There was 15 year old girls dressed in the latest fashion from head to toe. We walked around at Cathedrals and even saw a few night clubs. We stopped at a nice hotel lobby to sit and grab a drink, soaked up the beautiful weather and then ate at a sandwich/sausage place. It looked like we came into pottery barn for dinner. Simply Adorable. We ordered roast beef, broccoli quiche, wurst sausage links, numerous baskets of bread and butter and potato salad! And when we say numerous baskets of bread, we mean like 5…well Laura may have had 3 baskets by herself, but who's counting?! We literally wanted someone to just roll us home. Dang carbs get us every time. Yum Yum Yum! Switzerland is definitely the most breath taking country thus far!! Now we're on our two hour drive home and then off to plan our next few weeks of excursions! 
(Bonus Material: Shelly's blonde moment of the trip=not realizing till after day 3 that Ty's steering wheel was on the same side as Americans and that we were actually driving on the right side too! lol I was wondering why I was already used to the European driving!)

"The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving even though we have rebelled against him" Daniel 9:9

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