Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter in Berlin...hop, hop, hoppy Easter!

*more pics to come!
After arriving in Berlin, we head to the nearest McDonald's(naturally). Sadly this one didn't have free internet but that didn't stop us from using their bathroom to change, brush our teeth and take a perfume shower. I'm telling you we smell like roses right now!! To begin our journey we stopped at the first cafe and got the cutest Easter bunny cookie, a big piece of fried something smothered' in glazed and a mini cupcake..we headed to sit at burger king where Shelly enjoyed her grease and Laura enjoyed her sweets! We then head out to find the Berlin Wall. This place is hard to describe. There was so much history to read on it and SO sad. It was hard to realize that the wall was just knocked down in 1989 when we were alive..normally history is hundreds of years ago, but to think we were in America living a luxurious life (even though we were little) and this country was having control issues. It's just hard to grasp that…hard to explain, but sad yet intriguing. We then plop our happy butts down in the park of the Berlin Wall to get a nice summer power nap. Shelly passes out and Laura lays on her belly and paints her nails. All of a sudden, PLOP. We both feel body weight. Laura assumed Shelly just accidentally rolled over and landed on her and Shelly jumped. Some italian boy hopped in the middle of us, "HELLLLO LADIES." broken english, hard to understand but defiantly a cutie in his rolled up jean capris and suspenders. We all start cackling and his group of friends is to the other side. We end up talking and painting there pinky nails. Italians are so funny how they talk with such expression & they sound cute trying to speak english. They were on a 4 day vacation and play Futbol back in Italy. We end up leaving and heading over to continue our sightseeing..after Laura gets ice-cream..We saw the TV tower, one of the largest Cathedrals in Europe, Berliner Dom,  & Brandeburg Gate. It was easter here so a lot of families and tourists. It was crowded everywhere, but a Happy environment! We saw an Easter Carnival, Laura stopped to eat a huge brotwurst hot dog…followed by 2 ginormous pretzels with cheese. We went to a park where everyone was relaxing and it was outside of the cathedral and sit in front of the fountain for a bit, and we then run into our group of Italian friends and chit chat and exchange emails! There was a girl there that spoke really good English so she was able to make our conversations flow! The cutie in suspenders, she said was a Casa Nova and all joking about it and then she said, ya "and he's little". and everyone giggled and the italian just did hand expressions and was so confused and didn't know we were joking about him!  We then go to the Reichstag which is a HUGE dome where you listen to a headset as you walk up and up where you can see all of Berlin, and a recorded narrator tells you about each building and the view is breathtaking! After a day of walking, everything is aching on us. We head to a river where there are tons and lawn chairs and bars..the atmosphere was very "spring-breakish", malibu, redbull, palm trees, ect. There was the biggest MUFFIN there of all time..with his girlfriend..but thats okay! A good eye candy to leave on! haha We split some good fried fingerfoods then continue our way to take our over night train to PARIS!!! Wi Wi!!!  HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you:):):)

"He is here! He is risen from the dead, just as He said would happen. Come, see where His body was lying." Matthew 28:6

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