Thursday, April 7, 2011

Well, Hello London =)

*Yawn, sttrreeettcchh* We awoke on the plane, and poof, we were in London! Thank goodness we were finally able to catch some ZZzzzZzz's after our emotional first 3 hours on the plane. The fact that we both got our own row didn't hurt either.  Our new friend Andrew, who I pretty much harassed with a million questions on the plane, said he would show us the fastest/cheapest way to get into London and then show us around the town. Amazing right?! So the three of us start our journey to the home of the 2012 Olympics (there's a fact you can log away)! We hop on the train to Paddington Station, the home of Paddington Bear, and when we arrive Shelly notices Andrew is missing one bag and we jump back on at the last minute, grab the bag and make it back off just in time. So as you can see he fit right in with us lol. Totally something we would do a/k/a the case of the missing sneakers! We took one other train and then hopped a cab to the Hilton, where he was staying. Needless to say, he saved us a good hour of just staring at the train board I'm sure! It's opposite day every day over here…they drive on the opposite side and their steering wheels are on the opposite side. Took a little bit of getting used to when crossing the street. Shelly only had 1 close call with a motorcycle. So after we arrive to his hotel, we are surprised with a free breakfast! B/c he travels SO much they upgraded him at the hotel where he could partake in the free breakfast and he was allowed to bring us with him…he was in one of the nicest hotels in London..and here we are in big up not blow dried nor straightened..and backpacks can only imagine some of the looks we got considering queens of every country stay there. The breakfast was awesome…smoothie shots, croissants, fruit, pastries, oatmeal, cheeses, meats..things we weren't even sure how to pronounce. After our bellies were full, we set out to explore the town. The hotel was right across from Hyde and The Green Park's, so we took a stroll through The Green Park, past the yellow daffodils, lawn chairs and PDA'ers and on over to Buckingham Palace. This is one of the royal families estates. Queen Elizabeth wasn't there today though(you can tell by which flag they fly on top). We were bummed you couldn't get to the guards who have to keep a straight face no matter what…I have a pretty sweet butt joke that I'm 92% sure would have made them at least crack a grin. We spent the entire day with our lifesaver Andrew. He took us over to  the "eye" of London..aka a huge ferris wheel..he then took us to try amazing chinese Vegas, you can walk through the city with beer…he then surprised us with a tour of London in the double decker busses. The weather was so beautiful that we sat on the top of the bus..prior to that we were in the streets of London enjoying the weather waiting on our bus and Andrew makes the comment that Laura looks like she could be Marilyn Monroe because of her white flawy dress. As a joke Shelly begins to sing, "I see London, I see France, I see Laura's underpants…" Literally within 2 minutes, Laura's entire dress flies completely over head..and then we see the entire city walk by making some type of was pretty funny! We then take the tour of london on the upper deck in the beautiful sun! After a long day we head back to Hyde park…(google it) its beautiful =) …we take a Polish shower at Andrews then get ready to head off…fortunately again meeting such an amazing person..we haven't even thought about changing our money over..he gives us a few pounds? to get to the Victoria Coach Station. We then head straight for some snacks..we look over and over at the sandwiches very indecisive. After about ten minutes we ring up our food. Shelly had trouble deciding what to eat and all of a sudden the cashier told us the amount we owe and all of a sudden you hear Shelly yell "and a SPINACH CHICKEN WRAP"..she was very indecisive on what to order..clearly she was a bit hungry because by the sound of her tone you would have thought she had not eaten in months. We then find our way there in the amazing taxi's..considering Mercedes/ Porches/ Jaguars/ Rolls Royce/BMW's..all because those were made in Europe…We then take a coach bus over to Stuttgart and fly into Germany. And I just have to add, Laura went to the bathroom at the airport and had her dress tucked into her panties for a good 2 minutes before some random came up and told her!! Moving forward, we arrive at the airport, our amazing friend Ty shows up with a sign that says "Looking for 2 Tejas Girls" and had 3 boxes of homemade pizza and Chimay, a Belgium Trappist ale made by inebriated Munk's in a monistery (a beer that you have to pop a cork) and Port, a spanish fortified wine indicative of Hemmingway's days..aka a wine that was fortified..It's 2:45am in the morning and we are staying with Ty for the week. We are currently having a blast. All 3 of us just skyped our parents…we've been sitting on his balcony which overlooks all of Stuttgart, Germany and we can't even explain the purity and beauty of this country. As for's time to finish off our Lil Wayne dancing..aka we are listening to Lollipop right now and living life to the fullest! 

"Those who know your name will trust in You, for You, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you." Psalms 9:10

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  1. Loved talking to you, Laura and TY, see I remembered his name. Can't wait for the today's conversation, I'm holding Ty to his word that he will make sure that you do everyday ;-D Love U!