Friday, April 15, 2011

Two pigs & a delta blanket..Hola Barcelona!

Hours later we finally arrive in the city of Barcelona! A few snickers, bags of chips, cokes and maybe a little bit of Svedka! Our train ride wasn't too bad. Trains here are like flying in the states. We have a little table in front of us and plugs, so on the train is when we take advantage of plugging in our camera chargers, phones, ect. During our excursion we assumed backpacking would be "easy". We pack a few things, hop off a train, assumed we would find people who speak English to tell us the best hostel, ect. haha big joke! We arrive in the Barcelona estacion and no one speaks English..and at this point we are on our Ty or Jen to order for us or guide us…We walk around..stand in lines..realize they are the wrong ones and finally grab a number and go sit on the floor because thats what everyone else was doing?! Right away Shelly gets yelled at because she is sitting to close to a make up kiosk and the lady was trying to sell makeup. We see a rather cute boy and say "excuse me" and he replies in English. "AHH YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?!?" We both ask, and he laughs and says he is from Miami, studying abroad. He directs us on the appropriate trains and we head off to cerrar de "Les Rumbla". A street that is similar to the 6th street of Austin or River walk of San Antonio. It is crowded with tourists and we have officially made our arrival. After searching and asking a lot of questions to a lot of people we end up at "The Ideal Hostel". You can interpret that however you choose but if community showers (where you have to bring your own towel and we didn't we used our bedsheets) and a room with 8 bunk beds and about 2 feet in between for walking space is ideal, then there ya go! At first we are always a bit leery of the situations but give us 2 hours and we are back to laughing and feeling not so out of our bubble! We end up cruising the beach, walking around &…EATING a lot..shocking! Every single place in Europe is either windows of fresh breads, AMAZING pastry's/donuts or Pizza/Beer..with all the walking it is still possible to over eat..We ended up splitting a pizza, cheeseburger, beers and fries. We then decide to call it a night since we technically haven't slept in 48 hours..a few naps here and there on trains but nothing special..we are so stuffed but somehow manage our way to getting cookies. Laura gets excited when she sees "cremes"..spanish brand oreos that reminded her of Costa Rica when she was addicted..Shelly had a few cremes and put them away..Laura managed to eat her entire role. We head to the hostel where we brush our teeth, wash our face..(put on our self tanner..!) and pass out!

"So, my dear brothers and sisters, be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless. "1 Corinthians 15:58

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