Monday, April 25, 2011


It's the party capital of Europe we hear. Feeling semi refreshed since we had actual beds on our night train**side note-there was a mom, dad and little baby in our cabin also. Made us a little nervous at first b/c we wanted to sleep and not have a baby crying, but turned out she was an angel:) Also, the mom had no problem whipping out the boob in front of us and breast feeding…little awkward! Ok back to us..**So feeling refreshed, our first thing on the agenda was to sign up for a Pub Crawl. We saw someone wearing a shirt on an earlier train about it and thought since this was THE party city we should partake. At the tourist info place we find our pub crawl and bike rental brochures and also spy a sky diving one! But alas, we decide to wait for that until maybe Ireland. Now that our number one priority is done, the next is finding a hostel. Turns out it's Easter weekend and everything is full!! We deliberate for a little but then decide we'll put our bags in a train station locker, then party until the earliest train to Berlin which was 4:15. Smart eh?! Now it's time to start our day. Turns out the Pub Crawl people own the bike rental shop too, and b/c we are going to do the pub crawl we get a discount on the bikes, holler! We also decide to pay the rest for our Crawl adventure and when they hand us the wrist bands we asked if we could put them on now. He looked at us and goes, "Aren't y'all going to shower before??". HAHA!! We go nope, couldn't find a hostel. So needless to say they're going to know we are stinky girls! Our bike adventure takes us all around the city, up to this beautiful park with a bier garten, over looking the entire city. Of course we stop and get a beer! Then we peddle over to the largest castle in Europe. The cathedral in the middle of it was BEAUTIFUL! In the courtyard there's a sign that says ice-cream 25 czk's, so we take this opportunity as another break and get some & someone gets a donut..). When we get to the front of the line and point to the flavor we want it ended up being .90 each. Turns out this was the smallest and most expensive ice cream we had ever bought!! It's about $6 american money. Lol another tourist falls victim to the conversion rate. Oh well, when in Prague! We then head down the hill to the famous Charle's Bridge. where it's so crowded you're only allowed to walk across it. It's beautiful and has statues lined all the way across it on both sides. As we're walking our bikes across we pass tons of artist drawing people. Prague people must be a little bit obsessed with Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba, b/c most of the artist examples were of them. At the end of the bridge there were homemade type donuts..(kind of the type you made for us growing up hot mama) and Laura gets sucked into another one…a huge round delicious chunk of fried cinnamon sugar…that she also asked for another spoonful of straight sugar in the middle. If you notice from our pictures, we caught Europe at the perfect time and the clouds are always PERFECT. It sounds funny, but the sky looks beautiful..a bit obsessed! Old Town Square is next, where the famous clock tower is. **Graphic Warning**The man who built it was tortured and they removed both his eyes so that he could never build a replica of it. He then climbed to the top of the inside and jumped landing on the gears and breaking the clock. It took them like a decade to repair it.**Graphic Warning Over** There's an amazing restaurant my friend told me about, Bredovsky Dvur, that we literally went on a 45 minute scavenger hunt for. Everyone we asked told us different directions. We finally found it though, read the menu and after all that decided not to eat there lol! We settled for pizza and pasta instead that the pub crawl workers told us about. We're gonna turn into pizzas soon. It was a long day of sight-seeing and biking. Every building in Prague is amazing, this city is beautiful. We were looking pretty rough. Then we remembered our bags and make-up were locked up in the train station. Then we have the BRIGHTEST idea EVER!!!!! Find a Sephora and "test" all their makeup. The closest one was in the mall, so not only did we get makeup and perfume from Sephora, but lotion and deodorant from The Body Shop! They already knew we weren't taking a shower so we had to do something!! Now it's time for the crawl…we meet amazing people there from Canada, Korea, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New Zealand! The first hour of drinks were free, and they made those suckers strong. You could choose from beer, absinth or vodka..and they had trays and trays of absinth shots and vodka. WOOF. A vodka water was vodka with a splash of water! We visit 3 bars on this excursion and then head to the 5 story club Karlovy Lazne. On the walk from bar to bar we get distracted in conversation and picture taking and our group of people lose the group…thank goodness for a homeless man that recognized our shirts and pointed to the bar where he saw the big group go in. At the second bar we had them play the infamous Ke$ha, "BLOW!"..feels like home to me! ha We walked in about 20 feet, it was roughly two ish and were exhausted and decided we were done! (clubs aren't our over that!, bring on the pubs!) We hopped a cab back to the train station about 2am and hung out there until our train at 4:30. Day 2 1/2 of no shower and sleeping on a train. Look up gross in the dictionary and we are listed as the definition right now. Berlin, we apologize, but we're on our way…

"But God showed His great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners." Romans 5:8

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