Sunday, May 1, 2011


Back in Stuttgart we arrive! Home sweet Home..but only for a day of course! We arrived from Paris mid evening so by the time we got to Ty's house its night-night time! The next day we sleep in until about 1pm..thank you bat cave! We pretty much did laundry and regathered our belongings and thoughts! We were waiting for Ty's landlord, Rainer, to get home from work because he was going be taking us to Stuttgart's beerfest! He is the absolutest sweetest man and so kind! He has worked with Mercedes Benz the last 15 years so he gave us a little tour of the Mercedes Museum because the headquarters reside in Stuttgart! We then arrive, let the festivities begin! We immediately hit the first roller coaster we see! Next its on to the carny food where we ended up getting sausage, hotdogs, powdered sugar waffles, nutela crepes, cookies, glazed-sugared pecans..everything that you can imagine! This fest is huge..there are so many rides and so many tents completely FULL of happy germans! Inside the beer tents its rows and rows of the wooden tables and everyone is dressed in their german attire! There are mugs and mugs of beer in every direction…(next day I had a bruise between my thumb and index finger b/c the mugs are so heavy!)The germans all stand up on the tables the entire time and there are dj's and they just sing, dance, cheers the mugs and have a great time! We ended up standing next to two girls that spoke was from Stuttgart and her friend was visiting from the United Kingdom…we all just acted like we knew the words and had a great night!..On our way out we stopped to do more carney rides, ended up going two times in a row since no one else was in line!! not always a smart choice!! After that, we have full belly's and exhausted bodies! We get back to Ty's place and call it a night!

"When we love each other God lives in us, His love within us grows ever stronger" 1 John 4:12

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