Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Preparing to Leave the Nest..

Once again the bat cave got the best of us...but it was kind of ok today b/c this was the day we were heading to the military base here in Stuttgart. When we finally got our lazy butts moving Ty and Jen showed us where they work. It's so neat how Military Bases are like mini towns...they have everything they need within them i.e. food marts, walmart like stores, schools, gas stations, banks. While there we were able to exchange our cash and withdraw more money for Euro's at a really cheap rate since we were on an American base. Ty also filled up his gas tank b/c on base gas was only 1.09 euro per liter, and off base it was 1.52 euro. So while we were there we took full advantage of all this. I mean REALLY took advantage...we're talking a pack of 6 regular size snickers for $2, bag of cookies for $2.50...you know, the stuff you just can't pass up! Ok, so maybe  we've actually gained weight since being here:-/ "When in Rome" though right?! Oh, wait, we haven't made it there yet...=) We picked up some last minute items(once again the important things), dual voltage straightner and curling iron, tanning lotion and some Deo for our B.O. Afterwards we headed to Jen's place, said hello to her two super cute cats and then walked to the market to grab items for dinner. Ty cooked dinner for us and it was magnificent!  He brought us an appetizer of bread, brie, grape leaves with feta, and cream cheese filled peppers, red wine and Chimay. The main dish was this amazing cream pasta with bacon..yummmm!! Of course we topped it off with a wonderful dessert wine and chocolate=) They have been so wonderful to us this week. Maybe a better way of saying it is they spoiled us! Shout out to Ty and Jen who have been the absolute BEST hosts..i have a feeling we may shed a few tears when we actually head out to be on our own now!! I have a feeling we're in for a rude awakening when we head out tomorrow a/k/a leave the nest for Barcelona tomorrow (a 20 hour train ride)..really hoping there is WIFI!!! These next few days should be interesting, stay tuned...!!

"My heart is confident in you, O God, my heart is confident. No wonder I can sing your praises!" Psalm 57:7

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