Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cheers to Munich Beers!

After spending a few hours in Burger King on Wifi, we hit the city of Munich around 11. Munich is the third largest city following Berlin and Hamberg. Boy was this city crowded! In order to get back to Stuttgart we had to connect in Munich and since its the beer capital of the world we decided instead of switching trains immediately that we would catch a night train to Stuttgart and experience Munich. We walked through the town and window shopped per usual! Which is getting pretty old! We are about to have a meltdown and just shop!! Even though we have absolutely no room to put anything which makes it even more a tease. We finally stumble upon the Hofbruhaus and head on in! This place has an outside beer garden & indoors its tables and tables lined in rows. Everyone is dressed in the traditional Barvarian clothing and their is a band set up in the center playing loud german music. There is only one size of beer you can order and that is one liter. We sit down and the table behind us of 3 guys turn around and invite us over..why not? We are here to meet people and enjoy Europe. There were 2 adults and one guy who was turning 22. One of them spoke barely any english, mostly italian. We order HUGE pretzels bigger than the size of your head and enjoy our HEAVY mugs of beer. I don't see how the waitress' could even carry more than 2 considering it took us both hands just to pick up the beer! We spend a few hours there because we stayed inside and then headed to the outside beer garden. By that time we could barely finish the beer. We forced ourselves to chug it so we could get heading back to the train station so we could head back to our home sweet home, Stuttgart. On the way back Laura stops for her ice-cream and gets a cone with snickers this time. We just must try out each flavor before we leave Europe! It was a shorter day of activities but we were exhausted ready to get home to sleep in the amazing bat cave and attempt to  catch up on sleep before we head off to our next leg of events! On the train ride home we hop in a first class cart, recline all 6 chairs to make a big bed..turned on some Randy Rogers..and immediately pass out! When the conductor comes by to check our tickets, he looks at them but saw we were passed out and the train wasn't crowded so he allowed us to continue our nice little nap! 

"What a idly wonderful world, God! You made it all, with Wisdom at Your side, made earth overflow with Your wonderful creations." Psalm 104:24

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