Monday, April 18, 2011

Roamin' round Rome!

Chao! more like woof…is our train really arriving at 5:40am and we expected to sleep and didn't even get a seat on the bus?! Talk about "backpacking.." We were told we didn't need to reserve a seat on our over night train..we show up..get on..and its full with reseverations..we are stuck in the cold nasty little hallways of an overnight train. We have been so lucky with our trains but this one was straight up DISGUSTING* & smelly! Through out the night we would bounce around and maybe get a few minutes of shut eye..but that was about it because it was too chilly to fall asleep. Once we arrive in Rome its early, so we hit the streets per usual(after Laura gets her $7 coke, sugar donut and creme filled croissant and start looking for a hostel or hotel. Finally, our luck has run out..NOT ONE single place has vacancy! We were dirty/smelly/cold/tired..I'd say on the merge of having a break down..On our way out of the last hotel we see a bathroom and go to use must have been door #3 because BAM! We walk into a little room with a shower and toilet..but wait..we have no towel :(..but we are filthy. We gave ourselves a shower through the sink using toilet paper and our body wash..quite interesting with 2 girls, 2 backpacks..and a tiny space. We were able to at least wash our body's, brush our teeth..the necessities which made us feel a bit cleaner. This time with finding no place to stay we hike our way through the streets and begin to be tourists but this time moping around our massive bags that get in the way of everything. We head to the metro station and get our tickets for the day to hop all over the city. Rome is awesome! Pictures just don't do justice..We went to the Colissieum, Vatican,  Piazza Del Popolo and the Fountain de Trevino. Instead of paying for each tour we just decided to follow them around and actually learned alot of history! The first guy we talked to was actually visiting from Plano, Texas! Such a small world. Not to mention the Vatican is astonishing. It over does the White house by no means. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. We then stop by the cutest bakery and order a Margarita Pizza, tuna & egg sandwich, and 4 scoops of ice-cream..did we mention the ice creme down here is to die for!! Come about 5pm its been a long 12 hour day and we head to McDonald's for some free wifi before our train..which once again cant just be free..Laura orders a McDonald's meal and M&M's and Shelly gets a big ol' pizza pita wrap..(something in the water over here makes you eat eat eatttt…MOMM I WANT A NANA I WANT TO EATTTTTTTT…this is quoted daily by us ;) Shout out to Lizzy n Kels! haha. We run into a few ticket problems then jump on the evening train to head Northeast to the city of Venice….we are anxiously awaiting our gondola rides and pounds of pasta that venice has to serve! Until then we are going to pass out on the train and get a few zZzzZZ's in before we start looking like CHUNKY* ZOMBIES*!!!

"The Lord will guide you always, he will satisfy your need..You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail." Isaiah 58:11

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