Friday, April 8, 2011

Stumblin in Stuttgart with (ba) Danke Dunks ;)

Last night we ended in a happy place! Finally fresh and showered…big 'ol dinner along with beer/wine, we ended up going to sleep at about 4am/10pm Texas time….Shelly and Laura had an amazing bed that was nothing like an airplane..Ty had the curtains down, aka we were in a bat cave and he treated us amazing! The next morning he comes in the room..wakes the girls up with coffee and fresh fruit of every kind..Shelly, being "social shelly" wakes up and starts chatting. Laura plays solo like she doesn't hear anything..puts the pillow over her head and continues to sleep. This is honestly like a wake up..all the windows are wide open..fresh happy. The weather was gorgeous and you look outside to tons of hills/flowers/houses/...just green grass! Ty patiently waits, then can take no more! Shelly tells him to play some Ke$ha to get Laura up and moving…nothing gets you waking up f"eeling like P Diddy" like some Tik Tok! The song works and he wants us to explore the town. We walk ALL over Stuttgart. Ty's place is located on a hill overlooking the town, so we head down this long side walk passing cottages and gardens, until we reach the town. We have the most amazing times in ice cream shops, pubs, and parks, just happily living. There are little oosha boosha doggies every where, and at one point Shelly makes the comment, "It's so weird how dogs over here don't speak English!". The next dog we saw got mad at her clearly confirming her theory. We end up having a beer outside in front of the tulips and meet up with his friends. His friends live downtown..equivalent to "mid town" in Houston or "uptown" in dallas…we bar hop to several different wine bars/pubs/ect. and drink away! At one bar, Shelly got a little too excited to say "Hallo"(hello), and the waitress turns to her with the WTF look and says, "Why are you yelling at me?!", in English, and Ty responds, "She's from Texas."! Shout out to all our Tejas peeps! The center of the town was a beautiful huge courtyard filled with green grass, fountains and outlined in yellow tulips. It must have been a holiday or something b/c everyone(and their dog) was sprawled out on the grass enjoying this beautiful weather. We joined them for about 15 minutes where we almost fell asleep it was so nice. We wore our cut off shorts, booty shorts as the boys like to say, that Ty warned us girls around here don't wear. Come on, we only packed a backpack! There was no room for jeans or anything warm in those babies! Basically, we had a couple…hundred…stares. We end the night with the prettiest mojitos and nicest bartender(we took a picture with him, of course) in Stuttgart. The mojitos he made literally came from scratch, as in he was cutting up the mint leaves at the moment. As we were leaving we told him danka several times, which means "thank you". Pretty sure we were two tipsy girls on repeat at that time. "Danke SO much! Danke, danke, danke!" & we would occasionally throw out the "She gotta don" lyrics. The boys were finally able to drag us out, where we caught a cab and booked it back to his place, and we were able to catch the amazing sunset from his balcony. Not before Shelly found one of his little neighbor boys, who we tried talking to for several minutes, who couldn't speak English mind you, and he finally bust out with, "Hey, hey I am not Justin Bieber!!" HAHAHA!! Perfect way to end our fabulous day in Stuttgart=) We will leave you with this awesome, slightly awkward video of us heading or should I say "jumping" to the restroom….

"So I concluded there is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can." Ecclesiastes 3:12

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