Saturday, April 16, 2011

Round and round we go, where we'll stop nobody knows!!(Not even us…)

Wake up call this morning was 6:30am, b/c we had a 9am train to Marseille, France…and somebody, no fingers pointed(but my thumb is pointed at Laura Gayle), likes to get to plane/train/bus stations hours early! I don't mind too much b/c knowing us we would get lost or something. We find the closest metro station..piece of cake, then hop the first subway to the train station..piece of pie, but exiting the metro…that's where we mess up! Instead of following the rest of the people towards the train/bus station, we exit on the other side(figures) and see no station in sight. We ask someone and we were actually only a block away, so not too bad. But alas, this is why LG is so smart and gives us extra hours to play..I mean get lost..with:) So we're on our way to Montpellier, our connection city in between Marseille's, and the train ride isn't bad at all. We even met a couple who are from Malibu, CA(they live by famous people), and got some blogging done, as you see below. We had no idea we had gotten 3 days behind. We'll try to never let that happen again b/c I know you all wake up every morning waiting(with bated breath)/hoping a new blog is posted, and we know you all have alerts set to tell you a new one is up….and by you all, we mean Hi Moms!!! We make it to Montpellier and turns out we have a 2 hour layover. So what do we do?! You got it!!…find the closest McDonald's so we can swipe some free wi-fi, of course! We diddle addle on the world wide web for a little bit then catch our final train to Marseille, or so we thought… Once we arrive there, we look around, not to impressed and decide to head to Nice instead. We look at the boards and see that there's a train leaving in literally 8 minutes!! So we hightail it to the train and jump on at the last minute. We had to sit in the very back, on the floor, for the first hour, but then eventually got seats. Just in time actually to see the beautiful Southern France coast! We arrive in Nice, France and immediately start looking for a hotel. Not a hostel, b/c we wanted a shower and our own room this time! We try several, at least 6, before we found the right price at Hotel de Centre. Don't get me wrong, we tried to wheel and deal, but good'ol Simon downstairs wasn't having it! Shout out to our new "stubborn at $40" (haha)friend Simon!! Thank you for the extra towels:) So here we are in bed, freshly showered..literally could have been an herbal essence commercial it felt so good, and ready to hit the hay.  Bonne Nuit!!!! (good night:) 

"For all God's words are right, and everything He does is worthy of our trust. He loves whatever is just and good; the earth is filled with His tender love. He merely spoke, and the heavens were formed and all the galaxies of stars. He made the oceans, pouring them into his vast reservoirs." Psalm 33:4-7

"May God give you eyes to see beauty only the heart can understand"

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