Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Venice- "The Floating City"

Pictures to come!...  
When we arrive in Venice at 9:30, we got off a stop early to get a cheaper hotel b/c we actually researched this stop, we found a hotel relatively fast and cheap. We had our own room and bathroom which was really nice. We were able to air out all our stinky(and I mean STANKY) backpack clothes, and relax in peace. This place even had a ghetto blow dryer, we were all over that puppy! & wifi…We heard english next door and went to the next room and met our neighbors! Really nice girls doing the same thing as we were..and some guy from Australia..gotta love those Aussie accents! Australia is the next place we would like to go see..maybe in January. We passed out pretty early to catch up on some much needed sleep. We woke up at about 930 and got ready to hit the city of Venice. (Which our neighbors informed us it was everything you imagine and more. We catch the 10 minute train ride down to Venice..hop off and of course pick the wrong way to go..we decided to head to the right which took us to a dead end and a bus stop. So we hike it back and enter the streets of venice. We were so happy and intrigued by the gondolas all houses and buildings that are so historic and the colors of the buildings are so enjoyable. There were people sitting down just painting on canvas' because every direction you look there was something beautiful to paint. We stroll up and down the river, through the small streets and window shop for a bit. We decide to stop at a restaurant and grab a bottle of wine and a Margarita pizza..we always choose this flavor because it's the cheapest :) Its different than what America thinks Margarita pizza is..this is a cheese pizza with olive oil just dumped over the pizza so its still crunchy but so juicy and addicting! We wined and dined there for about an hour and a half and just people watched and enjoyed the weather and our minds still couldn't grasp that we were sitting in VENICE, ITALY! It's so surreal. After we leave there we were a bit giggly and saw an attractive italian man and he talks us into a Gondola ride. They are from 40-60 euro for half an hour but we decided this is a once in a life time opportunity even though we are broke little girls! It was so neat to be on a gondola, with a cold beer, our feet propped up and a guy standing up behind us just rowing away, and they all wear the cutest striped sweaters. Shelly being OBSESSED beyond words with pasta has been waiting for her arrival in Italy. We were splurging on dinner and we were going to get amazing pasta! Laura "needing" her ice cream of the day strolls down the streets of venice when we bump into someone marketing their restaurant and says free glass of wine if you come eat..we say no thanks we are looking for ice cream and weren't hungry yet. The guy kept walking with us and told us he was getting off work and if we would wait he would show us the best ice cream shop and buy us a beer…who can say no to this idea? We go sit out by the canal and enjoy an Italian brewed beer and then head to get Laura her dang ice-cream!! Eventually one of his friends meets up with us and we all chit chat and learn about the great city of Venice! They invite us to their place to eat dinner with them. We are both responsible and kind of walk behind and say if we feel scared at any moment to let the other know..they lived right off the busy tourist street in town homes, so we follow them up and keep the door open behind us and both have on our whistles! Yes we are nerds but hey!..It ends up being a great evening. Over a nice dinner discussion Laura lets them know that we have a chip implanted in the side of our heads, because it is required by the government now before leaving the country..therefore if our parents don't hear from us they can easily see through the chip the last place we were..nice scare-tactic ehh?! They believed it! They made AMAZING pasta and we had beer and champagne and dessert. Of course Laura and her clean freak self does their dishes…loves to clean..so weird! We chit chat for a bit more but have to get back to our hostel to get our bags and head on our over night train to Munich..where the oldest brewery in the world is!..On our way back we can't go anywhere with out Laura needing something..we stop at a store and she gets a banana and a big ol bag of vanilla cookies. (It's so hard to ever feel full when 24/7 you are constantly walking next to clear bakery's or ice cream shops..) The record for one of us is like 80 euros..aka 100$ in one day on cokes, cookies and JUNK! Anyways we arrive back at our hotel..use the wifi, Skype our families and try to upload some pictures. We met some other nice people in the lobby and felt like tour guides as we lets them know the places to go on their travels! We get to the train station where we get McDonald's and a bag of chips..why? We don't know we already had 2 amazing meals and cookies and ice-cream! grrr… We realize our train time is different..and then we realize we are at the wrong stop..we had gotten off the stop before when we arrived for a cheaper hotel and forgot about that until our arrival..but it was okay we figured it out and got on the correct train! This was a sleeping train so we were given minnie rooms in the train that have bunk bed type seating or laying and pillows and blankets..by this time we were drained..slight headache and dehydrated as ever! We passed out besides for the occasional POLICIA who come and ask for your ticket and passport..just to keep the trains safe. So far there hasn't' been many lookers..but every single cop..WOWSERS!! they are so stinkin' cute..we came up with the code "muffin"..so anytime an attractive person walked next to us we would say something about a muffin..haha and he asked for the passports and all shelly could say was Muffin. We wake up at 640am in Munich, Germany. Not much is open at 640 and we are leaving tonight to head back to Stuttgart to re pack, do some laundry and get ready for the next leg of our journey. We grab some donuts and burger king and get on WIFI for a couple hours so we are able to google airports, come in contact with a few people for our next locations, check our bank statements :/ and get caught up..We are headed to the Hofbrau House..one of the oldest breweries in in the world where its pretty much a large drinking hall..with pretzels and sausage!..like Wurstfest in New Braunfels..After our healthy breakfast why not carry on the tradition and go have a few pitchers of beer and sausage for lunch! Adios loversss! Chao!

"Blessed are they who have the gift of making friends, for it is one of God's best gifts." Thomas Hughes 

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