Saturday, April 16, 2011

Everything's nicer in NICE

We woke up this morning at about 9ish. Actually showered and refreshed..finally the fro's were straightened and we began to look like girls again! =) That's exciting…we walked the streets of Nice and once again got lucky with a beautiful day..once again something everyone let us know does not happen much. Nice is beautiful. Imagine deep blue water with sails, yachts and Aladdin like buildings(or see above, haha). We first stopped at Emilie's. A delicious delicious delicious bakery where we had a cupcake and a white chocolate cookie. Absolutely delicious. We are pro's at finding a breakfast for champions..but how can you help it when every single direction you look had windows full of home made donuts, pastries, cookies, and breads. We then walked through the"old city", which still had the same buildings from back in the day, of all different colors…orange, yellow, greens and blues! We noticed a sign that said Chateau so we hiked up and it over looked the entire city and beach. So beautiful. After that we headed down to lay out at the beach. Once we laid down it was warm but at a few points it got a little chilly. We headed back up to the market to attempt to be healthy and grab some fruits..but of course the market was already gone and they were setting up tables for the evening time. We saw a straggling orange in a trash box..grabbed it..peeled it and ate it. Still tasty. After that we hiked back into the city and stopped to share a bottle of wine! Laura finally likes white wine, hallelujah! Then a group came to perform in the street and we had the perfect view. There were about 5 or 6 men doing body combat type things..SEXY* dayummm! We took a video that we will post..its 6 minutes but watch it all! It's pretty one point a little girl goes by in a stroller..if you pause it you will notice she is like a mummy* so bundled up she couldn't even put her hands down and she has on the cutest sunglasses..also the a shot of the cute man's booty! haha We relaxed and chit chatted after a wonderful busy day exploring the beautiful city of Nice, France. We head to the train station, grab a Kebab on the way..then cough cough Laura cough cough continued to get a bag of chips..a roll of cookies..a bag of M&M's..2 cokes..Heineken..and I think thats all..We got inside our cabin in the train and asked our conductor where the plugs were. He told us they were only in first class, we were bummed since the MAC was dead, then moments later, Voila, he pointed at us to follow and took us up first class where we sprawled out! Tonight we take a night train to stop we will be waking up in ROME! EEEEK!

"Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong" 1 Corinthians 16:13

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