Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hallucinating in Heidelsburg..just kidding..(We tasted their famous Absineth* for the first time)

With our bodies still adjusting to the 7 hour time change, the bat caved curtains that keep the room pitch black and our fun filled day around Stuttgart, our plan of waking up at 8am and heading to Zurich didn't work as well as planned. We opened our eyes up to find it was around noon. We decided to save Zurich, Switzerland for Sunday so we would be able to get a full day. Ty introduces us to his lady friend Jen; an amazing person who has literally been ALL over the world. We all get dressed and head out to a city called Heidelburg, it's Northwest of Stuttgart Germany. On the drive there we find out there is this thing in Germany called the "Autobahn". It's pretty much a highway where there is no speed limit aka BMW's, Mercedes, Porsches, ect. all going 100MPG minimum. It's crazy to see that everyone in Germany actually follow the basic rules and its funny how their system actually works. The people in the left lane only go over to pass a car and then go right back around..if not you can be arrested or it can cause some bad damage when a car coming up on you is going 120! So the four of us topped out at 140. Shells and I in the back seat…having to take off our cardigans because we were sweating from the adrenaline rush, while Jen is casually up front conversing with Ty not even realizing the speed because this is traditional on Autobahns here. Oddly enough we felt safe and it was pretty neat! We end up in Heidelburg about an hour in a half later. We park in a parking garage in the "Frauen Platz" aka Women only parking. With 3 girls in the car and a crowded garage we take the risk to park there. We head straight to eat lunch in a cute little italian outside restaurant. We drink some FAB (tap) beer and have amazing pizza, salmon wrapped in pizza crust with cheese and salads. We then make our way to a pastry shop and get a champagne carmel Schneeballen. Its pretty much a funnel cake rolled up into a hard ball glazed in sugars and caramels. AMAZING :) So far the thought we would be losing weight from so much walking and "little" eating has gone completely opposite! Transportation=BMW Food=huge portions of heaven in your mouth! We then walk around the cute city and hike up to a beautiful castle. We spent a couple hours there of sight seeing and wonderful conversations. Trying to learn the basic German language. Ty takes us to a bar which reminds us of a little tavern you would find in San Marcos. Almost like Chipotle on the inside with all the writing. This bar served "Absinth". A type of alcohol that makes you hallucinate. The waitress sits down 3 different colors of liquid infront of us in a big shot glass (about 4 oz.), sits down 3 pitchers of water, and then 3 different shots. THe way to drink this stuff is to pour the water into the absinth and either shoot it or sip it? With none of us ever trying it before..we sipped it. When  I say sipped it, I mean BARELY took even a drop on our tongue. It was DISGUSTING! But the experience of trying it was exciting!..needless to say none of us "hallucinated" that  day.  We make our way back and arrive home around 830. Have a glass of Chimay and get ready to go to an Italian dinner. When we head out we notice Ty's car has been keyed. On all 4 sides. We are all dumbfounded and guess that it was because we parked in the "Frauen Pltaz" parking and there was a male with us. (Once again this is why everyone follows rules in Germany) He takes it like a champ and we head on to dinner. Our dinner reminds me of a scene out of a movie. Ty and Jen have taken us "under their wing" and once again order for us since we are still new at the German language. The server lights our candles and brings an amazing bottle of wine and a bottle of fresh water…and then of course a coke for one of us that got really excited when it was the only thing I could read on the menu! We ordered pizza, brushetta, bread and mozzarella & tomatoes just for appetizers! By the time we are stuffed here comes our 4 entrees. Lasagna, a alfredo pasta type entree, an entree that is thick white rice piled up and mixed around in cheese, and then a burrito type entree. It was meat wrapped up with cheese and sauces. We made it buffets style and all picked at each others plate. Italians eat slow and it should have been about 4 hours worth of eating, which took us americans no longer than 2. The museums were open until 2am this evening but after that meal it was midnight and we were so full we headed back home for bed! Needless to say we had another fun filled day, day by day making memories that will never be forgotten. 

"We can rejoice too, when we run into problem and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance" Romans 5:3

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