Friday, April 22, 2011

"Buda Buda Buda Buda rockin' err-where"-Budapest

After Munich we went back to Stuttgart, Germany aka our headquarters where we were able to unpack/repack/laundry ect. On our next journey we were off to Budapest, Prague, Berlin & Paris. Our plan was to take an overnight train and arrive in Budapest in the morning. We got to the train station at about 630pm and our train left at 8pm..20:55. When we went to reserve our tickets everything was sold out. (Totally forgot about Good Friday & Easter Monday) so everyone is traveling! In order to get to Budapest we had to first go to Munich then take the train from there. At this point we were just going to "wing it" to get there. We didn't reserve a seat but since we have Euro rail passes we are still able to get on the train and sit in a seat until someone comes to claim it..then we just kicked out to the hallway! Sounds exciting, right? We didn't want to get behind any days since we have so much planned so we were going to hop the train in hopes of a seat but if not..lay in the hallway over night. Delta..our trip blanket..Laura has had since we got to London..his name is Delta..he is the red blanket from the Delta airplane that they give you. (So we think? It's thin..who would reuses it when they are packaged individually anyways?) Well Delta, has been quite the world traveler..kind of like "Flat Stanley". Normally I wouldn't have a problem laying in the train stations or hallway..but I somehow lost Delta..who has been on every ground, train, bed & is ALWAYS with me because I am ALWAYS* cold..and when I'm can put me in a bad mood quickly! I was going to wait around until a store opened at the train station and just buy another blanket..but we were there from the times of noting ever opened..we hopped the train and actually were able to find seats the entire way! On our last few hours of the train a family of 4 came and claimed the seats we were in so we scooted on down next to 2 people who looked about our age. People don't realize we get ready on trains so I'm sure we keep the stereotype alive over here when we pull our out backpacks and start "primping" ourselves and putting on makeup..Everyone always stares and I'm sure they say something about americans because no one else over here seems to ever have there hair done or make up. So when we first scoot over, we are those annoying girls, moving over the macbook, our makeup, body spray, ect..We then start talking to them and they were 21 & 22, studying in Budapest and they were from Russia. Anna & Pavel. They were so sweet and helpful for our arrival upon Budapest. They told me that Nagy means "Big"..of courseeee, perfect timing when i'm already feeling awfully LARGE! haha & it's funny because my mom calls my dad, "big boy" and she didn't know either! So feel free to call me Big L or laura big =) They passed on a lot of knowledge and interesting facts about all the countries and even how difficult it is for the countries over here just to travel, & really difficult to travel to the US. They said we are so lucky that it only takes us one passport to go anywhere and we don't have to get approval ahead of time from the country we are traveling to. Never realize the nice things that we are blessed with in America! Especially overtime you need to use a bathroom in Europe you either A)have to go to a WC, "Wet Closet" and pay..or go in a store/restaurant/bar, but in order to use their bathroom you have to order something. It gets old having a small bladder. Also you don't get free refills, even at fast food joints; you can't just order tap water. No matter what water you order in Europe it costs you a couple bucks..I drink ALOT* and I have to drink coke with every meal or I don't get this has been a downer on my wallet! 

Finally we arrive in Budapest for the day! We get to the train station and just like everywhere in this WORLD, construction is everywhere! Laura was excited to be in Hungary because that's where her ancestors are from! "Nagy" is on menus, street signs, ect. which is neat because it is so uncommon "in the states." We go exchange our money because they don't use Euros. We go to the atm and honestly have no clue how much we are pulling out and won't know until we check wellsfargo. :/ but it was really confusing how to convey the currency..and we couldn't find wifi to use the app on our phone! We become the typical tourist per usual and head first to the Parliament. Buildings in Budapest are gorgeous as is everything in Europe, but every building here is exceptionally detailed. By this time we are starving and go to a self serve restaurant. It's a buffet style but to pay they weigh your food…nuff' was a good thing we didn't know the currency because our plates were a bit heavy! We enhale our food and continue on to sight see. The weather was great and once again in jean shorts and a sundress people just STARE*, even when we try to fit in people still stare. We end up getting gelato..shocking..then heading to the bar for some hungarian beer..shocking! We  come across a nude bar..shall we give it a try? Sure! You only live once right? haha Jk but the evenings in Europe cool down so they always have blankets outside for use. Being in a sundress and tank top it looks like we were drinking beer in our blankets! Such a we REALLY miss delta!! poor little guy..After that we have a little bit of hungarian money left..(or it could be a lot..only time will tell..) so we stop by a store and grab some snickers bar, peanuts, and waters..NASTY* water at that! Most waters over here have gas in it and it tastes terrible. After a day in Budapest..we head back to the train to take an over night train to Prague!

"May they who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength" Judges 5:31

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  1. looolll =)
    I always do makeup or my hair on trains, if I need it! So I know how u feel if somebody stares at u=)

    I'm happy that u had a grate and funny time in Budapest! =)