Friday, May 6, 2011

Livin' In a dream world!

Greece…is this a Dream?!?!

Of course, our day started after spending the night in the Milan airport waiting for our flight at 10:35am. Cold floors, no food, brutal! But we're heading to Greece so it's all ok:) We were hoping to sleep on the flight but we literally had little kids surrounding us on all 3 sides who would NOT stop yelling and running around. Yes, I literally mean running around and jumping on chairs, while their mom just watched/encouraged. Where's the Super Nanny when you need her?! Anyways, all was forgotten when we looked out the window right before we landed and saw the bluest water with aqua around the shores ever! The person we are staying with, Harry, in Greece was one of Shelly's clients at the Chicago electronics show, and she had mentioned the Europe trip and Harry insisted we come and that he even had a place we could stay. When we arrive in Athens, another Harry(yes, two Harry's…this could get confusing, so we'll call him Jr.), Harry Jr. picks us up from the airport and takes us out for lunch at a Greek restaurant. What do ya know, they have kebabs in Greece too!!! Harry Jr. insist that these are the real authentic kebabs though and we all chow down. Then he orders us desert AND a pineapple shot! One amazing welcoming to Greece:) After lunch we head to his office where we meet up with Harry(the one we are staying with), and he shows us around and introduces us to everyone in the office. Every one is just so incredibly nice. He then shows us a condo he had built inside the first floor of his office building. He works so much and his wife missed him, so he had it built and they stay there most of the time. Then he takes us to another one of his companies, Alexi Andriotti, a women's accessory designer. He shows us around and introduces us to everyone and again everyone is just so incredibly nice, the jewelry, purses etc. are to die for! Seriously, everything in there is so stinking cute! Harry even has 4 original Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe prints. So what do we do…take a picture in front of them of course. Then, he tells us we can grab anything we want from the showroom! I'm sorry, I just turned in to David After the Dentist(youtube it)…"Is this real life??" We're handed a huge box and told to fill 'er up! It was so amazing!!! We picked out cute hats, beautiful earrings and necklaces, amazing bracelets, purses, shoes, headbands etc.!!!! I still can't believe it as I'm typing it. He mentioned it to me back in Chicago, but I just had no idea he was telling the truth lol!! Then we head off to the beach house we are staying at in Saronida. It's on top of a hill over looking the Aegean Sea!!!! Again, "Is this real life?!". That's not even the kicker…he owns 3 other houses so he's not even staying here. He hadn't been to this one in over a year and it's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! The view from the balcony is jaw dropping. We chat for a little bit, he orders us some food and then he heads back to work(it's 10pm). He literally never sleeps. He is one of the nicest, smartest and generous guys I've ever met. To give two girls, one pretty much just an acquaintance and the other he had never met before, the key to his house and not just a house, but a fully furnished OCEAN VIEW house, means something. He's one in a million!! We're seriously on cloud nine right now and can't wait to wake up in the morning and go explore Athens. Wait, if I fall asleep I'm not gonna wake up in the morning and find out this was all a dream am I? Maybe we'll sleep with our fingers and toes crossed…just to be safe:)

"The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display His craftsmanship." Psalm 19:1

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