Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dublin Got a Hold of Us!

We wake up to this amazing Irish breakfast! There was also another lady staying there, and eating breakfast with us, who decides to inform us she just got over the SWINE FLU and she "won't shake our hands, in fear of spreading germs"! Later on she offered us to try something off her plate and I had never said no to free food so fast in my life!! During the middle of breakfast she left for 10 minutes, and b/c she was so chatty/nice, she reminded Shelly of the lil old couple on the movie Dirty Dancing who go around stealing wallets. So when she returned, I immediately went up stairs to check our wallets! Turns out I'm just a psycho and she's just a nice chatty Cathy, who knew. When we leave the B&B the owners little 3 year old son sticks his head out the window and waves bye to us *adorable*. Now it's off to Dublin!! Along the way we decide to stop in Cashel and visit the castle. We take our signature jumping pictures, scare some sheep and carry on. It was only another hour and half before we reached Dublin. We went straight to the Jameson Whiskey Brewery and did a tour. Shelly was picked as a volunteer to try three different types of whiskey: Scotch, Jameson and American. She couldn't even get down the Scotch one, but finished the Jameson and American like a champ. Just call her a lil whiskey girl! Then we raced over to the Guinness brewery but unfortunately it was too late…very sad day. We drive around and sight see for a little bit. We're hungry(surprise, surprise), so we stop at an Irish bar, have a beer and split fish & chips and a club sandwich. With full bellies, now we're ready to do an Irish jig!! We hop back in our little nugget and head to where the locals go out. Finding the place was quite an adventure in it's self. Laura successfully drove down a oneway street and drove into an outside mall where only pedestrians were allowed! This is where a band, called Slydigs, found us and asked if we were lost and told us to come party with them. They gave us a CD, and we said we might see them later. Of course, we knew we wouldn't, but their music is pretty good! Finally we make it to the street lined with bars. After we park, we ask guys standing outside of one bar if this was the right place just to make sure and they confirm it and go inside. We sit in the car for 30 minutes getting ready and grabbing clothes, makeup, jewelry and a curling iron from our packed full backseat. We are finally ready and head inside, where we run into the same guys and they had a bet going on if it was a stick or automatic, and whether or not we lived in it lol!! We have a beer there, then head to another pub called Flannery's. This is where we saw a vending machine that would make a whole pizza for you. It was super cool, but I dunno if I would trust it…unless I was 3 sheets to the wind:) We meet some other guys there and they are heading to Copper Face Jack's. It's the locals "club" that stays open until 4am. After shots, dancing, beers, laughs and singing they invite us over to their place to continue the party….little did we know we were partying with babies! We ended up in DORM ROOMS at Trinity College, hahaha…don't worry there was no robbing of the cradle :) Just innocent fun/talk then passed out around 5:30am. Only to wake up at 7am, this next day should be interesting…..

"God's voice is glorious in the thunder. We can't even imagine the greatness of His power." Job 37:5

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