Sunday, May 15, 2011

Feels like home to meeeeeeee

We start the next morning off at McDonald’s. Big shocker, right?!? One hour of sleep and needing grease in our system we decide to go for the double patty meals this time!! Double up the hashbrowns..And Laura doubles up on the blueberry muffin and chocolate muffin!! We then head to National, drop of our little black nugget at the rental shop and head towards the airport. We arrive a few hours early and we check in and print of our boarding passes. Or so we thought. We were flying Ryan air which we hear is a bit shady and super strict on their rules. We go to check in and the lady says we didn’t print off the correct pass. (Even though we checked in online and clicked “print”) I guess somewhere in small font it says this must be done 4 hours prior to your flight. Having the wrong documents printed we EACH had to pay another 40 euro..aka around 65$ USD. Just another scam on how they make money. We had to pay it just for them to print off our boarding pass..even though we were already checked in. UHHH. Such a horrible feeling. Laura being tired and a little upset tried to argue her point on how it didn’t make sense at all and how absolutely ridiculous this rule was. But she had to stop when the lady threatened to have security called on her. We couldn’t get separated and have my partner in crime sent away! Ha-ha 130$ later. We fly back over to London. From there, we take a few trains and make our way to Stroud. We were so sleepy and crashed the entire time on the trains. At one point, Laura put her ticket on the table so when the guy came around to check them she wouldn’t have to wake up. And we ended waking up to her ticket being thrown away. There were empty drinks on the table and someone threw the ticket away with the trash! On the next train she just explained the situation so luckily she didn’t get a fine. Not like we had any money to pay the fine after our mess earlier! We finally arrive in Stroud in the evening where a client named Marion picked us up. Shelly had met her back in Atlanta at another ECRM event. Marion...aka “Maz” was super welcoming. Her and her 3 year old son Joe catered us back to their house. She knew exactly what we needed. She said you girls go shower, we can eat, get some clean clothes and y’all relax and make yourself feel at home. Later we met her husband and 2 of her other sons, Connor (15) & Matt (22). This was the cutest/happiest little family! Everyone had a great sense of humor and we felt right at home. Her husband and Joe called us “Girly girls” as they informed us they had the wedding of Kate and William DVR’ed so we immediately jumped on that. He even laughed and offered us tissues! Joe, the 3 year old, was the absolute cutest kid ever, and the London accent just melts our hearts! Of course we played toys with him. I guess us Texas gals use the words awesome a lot because every time we used that word someone in the family cackled. Turns out they don’t use that word. They use “buzz”, or a few others I don’t remember! We continue on the night with a family dinner with ham, chicken, mashed potatoes, rolls, everything home made and delicious! Of course to finish it off with homemade chocolate pudding cake (the same ingredients that Prince Williams’s cake was made out of) and ice cream!   Nothing like a family dinner and a little bit of YouTube. Made me feel even more at home! Listening to the latest jams and singing along! This family is “AWESOME!!!” Full bellies and clean bodies…we headed upstairs to our big comfortable bed and in no time fall asleep!!

"And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful." Colossians 3:15

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