Sunday, May 1, 2011

River Raft Race has nothin' on ya Amsterdam! ;)

The next morning we wanted to be at the train station at exactly 7am because we weren't sure if the lockers would just unlock or how they worked since they closed it so early. Plans change as usual when we wake up at 9…Joost was in his room still asleep. So we fold up the blankets and sweaters and hit the streets to head back to the train station. Its 9am we are in our sundresses and flip flops and once again its about 40 degrees in the morning..Everyone is already outside of all their stores selling things. Like a big flea market but with anything and everything..Shelly is ready to "wheel & deal"..aka say ONE EURO over and over and see what she could find some Queen's day orange! Queen's day you wear orange  and we are walking the streets in BRIGHT YELLOW  getting stared at like "those poor freezing cold girls..and clearly they got orange and yellow confused"! It was about a 20 minute walk and we arrive back to our lockers where we see the gate locked and security there! He tells us sorry we had signs that said after 7pm you couldn't get back in until Sunday morning at you really think we know what day it is? We didn't realize today is Saturday not Sunday..After looking so cold and helpless, they call over head security people and 3 security and police let us in to get our stuff..and they let us change..and put on the warmest gear we shoes..shorts and a spaghetti strap..check check..But that night we are taking a night train and the lockers aren't open at the train station..GREAT! we can't haul around this heavy backpack all day..ya we ask hotels if they will hold our luggage for the day if we pay. After a few No's we finally met a sweet lady that will hold our bag for 5 Euros..done deal! We finally now don't stick out like tourists..we have the correct face colors…boas..and we bought ski was so cold and they were selling them on the we decided to buy them since A) they were cute B)when your ears are covered we were SO much warmer..and C)they were orange! check check check…Laura starts her day with a snickers and peanut M&M's and a coke..and we both start our day with a screwdriver! We walk the streets of AMSTERDAM! Once again when we get everything organized we get the goosebumps and cant believe we are here!! We walk up and down and still have the same opinion. Everyone in Europe follows the rules and everyone is always so happy at big festivities!! Back in America, when big celebrations happen there are always cops everywhere, fights are bound to happen and you see people drink wayyyy to much. But here everyone drinks a lot but is always smiling and genuinely so happy! We go in and out of pubs, cafes and little stores. We also had to stop by "Dampkring" because that is the coffee shop from Ocean's 12.  There are so many canals in Amsterdam because back in the day it was security to their city…as of today its boat after boat..kind of funny how River Raft Race is going on and yes we were bummed we couldn't attend it..then what do ya know..we find our own river raft race..people even hop from boat to boat..once again we feel right at home..we stroll up and down the canals with our drinks just laughing and meeting people left and right..we finally decide we have to get on a boat somehow! We just start waving until a boat comes over..the canals not big so we knew this was safe parents! A little motor boat comes our way and lets us hop on..there were about 6 or 7 people our age. The boats all have radios, drinks, snacks and everyones just partying away! We even start to get a little sunburned b/c the days are beautiful besides for the chilliness of the morning. Afterwards we all hop off to go go the bathroom and we lose them..but we did find people who bought Laura a snickers! All I was doing was asking the cashier how much, b/c i DEFINITELY didn't need that im almost up 15 pounds))but of course I saw it and craved it..the person checking out just said don't worry about it, I'll buy it for of course I had to eat it! Which then leads me to subway..where I get a sandwich..chips..and a cookie! I swear!!! My sweet tooth is on full force because after that I ordered a vanilla frosted waffle..I need to take lessons from Shelly! We then head to souvenir shops to buy postcards and stamps. Then once again just pub hop for a bit longer!  The party was calming a little…and we were exhausted so we headed to the train station a little bit early..Our train was leaving at 830pm and arriving in Stuttgart at 415am..we did this so we could just walk back to Jen's and not have to couch surf again or search for the fully booked hotels! Shelly gets a kebab (addiction! we are going to start up a kebab RV on 6th street and bank$$!) Laura gets a 3 foot piece of bread and then we get 2 bags of chips and cookies for the night train! We are too scared to be stranded hungry :)! We finally board our night train, wash our faces, brush our teeth and pass out! exhaustion level > Laura Shelly. Time is flying in general but our days, hour wise, are SO long that when we are gone just for those 2 days it  feels like a minimum of 4! We wake up at 4am and decide to hang out at the train station for a bit because we don't want to wake Jen up..and poof..Laura gets bit by a spider on her CHEEK! its a good look!

"The wisdom of the wise keeps life on track; the foolishness of fools lands them in the ditch." Proverbs 15:8

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