Friday, May 6, 2011

Dora the explorer..aka Island hoppers

315am came way to quickly..Laura got about 3 hours and shells..maybe 1!! That's okay we were excited to be getting ready for the day. We are doing a one day cruise that takes you to 3 different islands; Poros, Aegan and Hydra! We have to catch the first bus at 5am so we leave at 4:40 to walk down the hill. Along with us comes our backpack because of course we need a new outfit for each island!! We sit at the stop for about 20 minutes and make friends with two puppies! Stray dogs are everywhere and they are all so cute!!! We get to the city at about 6:20 then take the metro over to the port. We arrive to the port at about 7:15 and boarding opens up at 7:45. We head over to gate E2 and see no people. We are so confused and ask people who were hosing down a ship. They are confused, don't speak English and point us in a different direction. We head that direction just to get pointed somewhere else. The port is ginormous and there are no help desks or anyone that knows anything! Including the taxi drivers. It's now 8 and we are panicked to no end. Literally sprinting and I mean full out Sprint, hauling along backpacks and purses. Sweating, crying, laughing, running in circles. Oh man I wish this could have been recorded or if its on camera, security guards somewhere are getting a dang good laugh!!. Last night we were on the phone with Harry as he was calling is blondes and joking the ship WILL leave now a taxi says he knows and takes us to the other side of the port. We finally see a desk and the lady informs us this is for three day cruises and we were on the totally wrong side, but thankfully she was helpful and calls the company we are with...only to inform us our ship just this point if was 8:15. Shelly officially loses it and was probably able to shower in her own tears and Laura just kinda chills..reaction-less and bummed! The lady said if we go to the flying dolphin we can pay to take the fast boat over to Hydra, the first island of our boats arrival, and from there just hop on our ship. She walks us out to a taxi at 8:20, talks Greek to the driver and gives him exact stern directions! Thank you God! Shelly in the back of the taxi in her tears gets them all out and begins to laugh because Laura is just laughing at the disastrous morning and the fact we did everything in our power to find the dang boat!! We get off at 8:30 to go purchase a flying dolphin ticket aka speed boat, and the lady gives the tickets and whistles at someone...come to find out the boat left at 8:30.. not 9.& we literally JUMPED on..the plank had already been removed! about a hectic start..ok ok so we sit down, take a breather and then just laugh. What else can you do. The boat ride was about an hour and a half long. Drops us off at Hydra to find out we beat our boat by about 20 minutes! Hooray we are back on schedule! We spend a couple hours at Hydra, where the only transportation is via donkey! Of course we do it and get the cutest little nuggets! We sight see, Laura stops for an expresso and for a Greek beer then we hop the ship where we ride it for about 1.5 hours then get off at the next island Poros! Everyone working aboard was so nice. One guy we met Angel, was Shelly's Angel because it got chilly for a bit and he gave up his sweatshirt all day! Laura went out to the deck to take pictures and ended up going into the captains deck and motioned shelly to come too. When she walks outside the wind blows her hat off and all the way to the other side,she was like a little kid trying to catch a kite...she would sprint, then grab air because the hat continued down the long side deck of the boat, past the dining area which has windows. After almost losing it overboard several times she finally catches it and walks back inside the main dining area, raises up the hat and says to the entire cruise ship, panting and out of breath, "its okay!!!, I got it..." and the entire room started clapping! She then heads into the captains room laughing so hard and relays the story to Laura since she didn't know this happened! We end up driving the boat, honking the horn and wearing the captains attire! The first time Shelly goes to honk the horn..she slides her hand right over the gas level and presses the speed up a bit on accident...after that they were a bit weary of her honking! Everyone in Greece is so friendly but just SO clueless about directions from what we've experienced everyday. Our last destination was Aegan. Clear waters, mountains in the backgrounds, yachts, blue skies, shining sun and happy people! At this point Laura can no longer window shop as she bought sunglasses yesterday, and today a super cute white dress from a boutique on the island. Overall it ended up being a fantastic day! Plenty of wardrobe changes, a nice lunch on the cruise ship, and wonderful entertainment from the cabin crew. As we walk off the boat and the last people pretty much..we are far away and the ship starts honking and waving so in return we mooned them being so far away! We then get McDonald's and Shelly gets some sun glasses and Laura indulges into buying two more purses and two wallets! On the way back, there was the cutest boy ever wearing chucks and Laura swears up and down she fell in love with him even though they only had eye contact! After the metro we head to our bus stop and Shelly runs into a restaurant/classy bar to use the potty and an employee comes outside to say hello and all within the few minutes he pours Laura a shot and we all have a quick conversation because then our bus to Saronida pulls up! It takes over an hour to get home and its almost 10:30 by now. We've been up since 3 and have so many blogs and pictures to add!
"…Great and marvelous are your works, O Lord god, the Almighty. Just and true are your ways, O king of the nations." Revelation 15:3

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