Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oops, I "popped-off" my love :)

The next morning..or should I say afternoon? We wake up at about 12:30/1:00 ish..relaxed and feeling like a million bucks! We go downstairs and lounge around on the sofa for a bit and catch up on some rest/emails/and Skype dates! (with the rents!) haha Marion did a little bit of work from the house and then a few hours later we headed off to pick up Joe from school. He was so excited to see us, as we were excited to see our "little brother!" Marion, her husband, Joe and the 2 adopted daughters then head off for a little sight-seeing. The first stop is at an ice cream parlor that Marion grew up going to. We got double scoops of amazingness and continued to sight see. The outskirts of London, "Stroud" was beautiful and a lot like Ireland. Hills and hills of green grass and sheep. The "3 kids" in the backseat..aka Shells, Laura and Joe, make different animal noises and shove our faces with our ice cream. Next stop was a little relaxing park to feed the ducks! There were so many, it was "AWESOME!" The ducks knew it was feeding time and so many came around. They are so little and precious! We ran up and down the river in excitement chasing Joe and to see all the baby ducks that were heading our way. The feeling of simplicity and being so happy over the basic little things in life is such a great feeling to come across. It feels like time has stopped, and just feels so good to feel so happy in a park with no technology..aka no Facebook or texting. Just great company and beautiful scenery. After a couple hours of being back we stop on the way home for some UK fish and chips and head back to eat it at Marion's. The cod was massive and they admitted they were very impressed that we licked our plates clean..and finished first. In the middle of dinner Joe "popped off" and giggled..aka tooted!! Laura thought it was a burp..haha She was wrong! After dinner we all relaxed and talked for a bit. Then being the 'girly girls' we are..somehow ended up watching Marion's wedding DVD's and looking at baby books of Joe. It was a nice relaxing couple of days which we needed before we headed back to the states, straight to work! About 1 or so in the morning we all hit the stares and head up into bed! 

"Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long." Psalm 25:5

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