Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm so told Joseeffff

We said our goodbyes the night before because today by the time we woke up everyone would be at school & work. We woke up around 9 to shower and pack our bags to head back into London for the day. We make peanut butter and nutella sandwiches and hit the train for a quick 2 hours train back into the city of London. Upon arrival our luck has almost ran out. The train station lockers closed to early to use and every hotel we went in..we didn't come out empty handed. Nobody would hold our bags for us! :( It was along day of hauling those dang things around..and a pain! Our vertebras and backs are aching at this point..ready for a much needed spa/massage day or even a chiropractor when we return to "the states!" We visited Oxford street and did a lot of window shopping :(..walked around the city to make sure we didn't miss anything and then headed over to buy our tickets to see WICKED! We have about 2 to 3 hours before the show starts so we decide to take a detour and head over to get some dinner and then to the London Ice Bar. A bar which is -5 celsius.. 23 degrees Fahrenheit BRRRR. We stopped at an Italian restaurant and can anyone guess what we shared? DING and pasta! After full bellies we head next door to the ice bar. The benches/bar/cups anything and everything is all made out of ice and blue lights. Pretty legit! They give you a jacket and gloves as you enter and you have 45 minutes. Its about 25$ USD per person and it includes a drink..which was tiny. So a rip off, yes..but well worth the experience..Of course Laura who is always freezing couldn't even handle the full 45 minutes and peaced out after about 30 minutes..leaving Shelly to hang out with the cute bartenders and socialize..which she didn't mind! :)  We did meet some super nice people per usual! Next on the list..walk back to the Theater and see WICKED! I have never seen Shelly so excited in my life. Normally Laura is always OCD about being early and rushing around..this was the first time Shelly was ever early and anxious to get somewhere ;) We were 5th row seats but the last two on the end because they were slightly cheaper because of the view. But 2 seats were opened in the 70$ nothing held us back from scooting' our booties down a couple of seats! The show was amazing. For all you people who grew up watching "The Wizard of Oz"…the wicked witch is NOT evil! go somewhere and watch the musical Wicked and then try saying that! We left the theater feeling bad for her!! With only a few hours to go, it was dark and pretty chilly outside but we bus it on over to the London Eye to see what it looks like from night time vision. It was lit up in all blue! We take a few pictures..Laura grabs a vanilla cap because she's "freezing to death" and then we head back to the metro where we take the 30 minute ride back to the main London airport. We go to get on the tram and the doors shut and Laura happens to be in the middle of the doors at this time. Normally, like elevator doors you would think they would just retract and open back up..but No..Laura is pushing super hard and then you hear a loud beeping..a guy from inside shoves his arm to help and it loosens a little then retracts back and squishes his arm along with Laura's arms..Shelly is behind the tram panicking that Laura will make it and then it will drive off without her..what a nice little disaster! But the strong boy opens up the door and after everyone is laughing..we get in the tram and make our way to the airport. We see two guys next to us with backpacks and of course the nosey people we are start asking them questions. Ends up they are on day 3 of backpacking but confused because they are going to terminal 4..we laugh because we are in the same boat. The tram drops us off at the airport stop and its about 1am and completely dead and if we were new at this we'd be freaked out..but we weren't because we were used to this by now. The two guys..taller than us..males..were panicking! One was a sophomore in college and one had just graduated. It was so funny because we click with so many people, within an hour of meeting them we were all laughing, joking around and picking on each other. At the airport stop it gave us directions on how to get to terminal 4. They didn't want to go because they didn't believe the person who came on the radio. They were so scared and honestly freaking out so much, we couldn't help but laugh!! About 30 minutes later we all made it to the airport..TERMINAL 4!! Thanks to Laura and Shelly! The pro backpackers!! We give them tips on the places with 24 hour wifi..aka McDonald's and a few other tips..but they actually had all their hostels and plans booked and organized..psycho rookies!! Where's the fun when you aren't sleeping in airports and trains? Anyways we go up every floor in the airport until we find a comfy looking corner..with considerably clean tile and we all drop off the backpacks and take a little nap..their flight was at 6am..lucky!! We had to wait around until 9! At this point it was emotional just because we couldn't believe that we had traveled around Europe for 5 weeks and it was already coming to an end…The trip of a lifetime, full of memories..the trip that we had anxiously been awaiting..was over :( It's crazy how time flies and you honestly must savor every single moment. 

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

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